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Personal Wellness

The  overall wellness of our students is very important. This includes their physical and emotional well-being. We have a number of healthy initiatives in place to help our students find success and support.


  • Annual Fitness Fair
  • Yoga for all students for a 13 week period
  • Mind Up Curriculum Resource Textbook for Montessori- Grade 8
  • Organized Daily Physical activity for all students
  • 8 week swimming program Montessori- Grade 4
  • 6 week fitness conditioning program- Grade 7 and 8
  • Varsity and Intramural sports and recreational activities
  • Ski/ Snowboarding Day
  • School Food Garden- Planting, Maintenance, Harvesting and Cooking of vegetables grown throughout the school year.
  • Nutritional Hot Lunch Program 1 x weekly
  • Weekly Tuck Shop- selling PPM150  approved item