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Virtue Clan Kick-Off

17:23 18 September in BHS NEWS, Braemar News

Each year our students are grouped into Clans named after one of the clan animals of the Six Nations.  In native tradition the animals hold specific character traits.  For the first time this year our students gathered in their newly assigned Virtue Clans. Braemar has nine Clans.  Eight are comprised of students from Prep One to Grade 8, each led by 1-2 of our Grade 7 and Grade 8 students as leaders. The ninth clan, the Snipe Clan, is comprised of our Montessori students.

This afternoon all students participated in the Virtue Clan Kick Off Event!   We gathered together in the gym and then the clans met individually to learn more about the characteristics of their clan animal, explore a specific virtue and get to know each other better.

Now throughout the year when we have a special event, the clans travel together to participate in different stations. The older students look after their younger clan members. What a terrific way for our community to bond!

This is an integral part of Braemar”s character education.