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School Food Garden – Planting Week

14:43 27 May in Uncategorized

In 2008 Braemar built and planted a school food garden to support curriculum objectives in Science, Social Studies and Healthy Living.  This hands-on experience is enjoyed by students and teachers.  Last week was a busy one with vegetable bed preparations and enjoying an early harvest treat of stewed Rhubarb. This week was planting week!  Several of our classes were involved.  Here is the experience from our Prep One Teacher, Mrs. Allwood.

“We talked about each of the plants that we would be planting – 3 types of lettuce, carrots, Brussels sprouts and marigolds.  The class learned that flowers can be used to keep some plant pests away for eating the plants.  One student thought they looked a lot like Dandelions. I guess you can see the confusion.

Each of the students took turns planting a few veggie plants. They dug a hole with their trowel and stuck the plant in. Then squeezed the soil around the root ball to help get rid of any air pockets. Then they put a ring of soil around the plant to help catch the water and keep it close to the plant.

One student was responsible for filling up the watering cans from the rain barrel. All the students learned not to water too quickly and flood the plants.  Instead, water until they see it puddle up and then move on to the next plant, then repeat a couple of times so the water soaks into the soil which will help the roots grow deeper into the ground.