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School Food Garden – An ongoing enriched learning opportunity…

13:32 26 October in Uncategorized

Braemar House School has had a School Food Garden since 2008.  This wonderful outdoor space, provides many opportunities for enriched learning throughout the year.  These opportunities are especially rich in the fall, when they are combined with learning from field trips and complemented by cooking in the classroom.

Last week our Prep One class baked muffins with ingredients from the school garden and this week Grade Three is preparing to make potato and leek soup.

This hands-on experience is welcomed by our students and teachers.   “This is such a rewarding experience to grow the produce just outside the classroom and then be able to cook and bake with it in class. What a great opportunity for the students to see where their food comes from.” Mrs Allwood, Prep One Teacher

The garden also provides learning opportunities in science, social studies, and healthy living.  Students also learn how to plant, maintain and harvest a garden.