Citizenship Programs

Citizenship Programs

Braemar House School students benefit greatly from our holistic approach to character development through our Citizenship Programs which support, protect and enrich our academic programming.  Through this vibrant character development program and active involvement in the community, our students develop self-confidence and a thoughtful respect for themselves, their peers, their teachers and the community.

Grade specific programs ensure the living out of our commitment to citizenship.


This innovative classroom-based program teaches child development, tolerance, an appreciation for differences, and emotional literacy. A baby makes monthly classroom visits with his/her mother and a trained facilitator, giving students the opportunity to interact with and learn from the baby.


This program teaches children the importance of using virtues in their daily lives and provides them with support to build their self esteem as they attempt to name and put the virtues in action.

GRADE 3 AND 4 – Superhero In Me

NEW this year, with the Kindness Project  we are piloting the Superhero In Me program. It was designed to aid teachers in creating a platform for pro-social/positive behaviour with their classroom in a simple, yet long-term way.  It empowers kids to make a difference!


Our students are encouraged to see themselves as an integral part of our environment, embracing the challenge of protecting it by acting responsibly and positively. Our Grade 5 class takes care of our school environment by encouraging and managing our recycling and composting programs.

GRADE 6 – K.I.D.S (Knowledge, Issues, Decisions, Supports)

This year the Grade 6 class participated in K.I.D.S (Knowledge, Issues, Decisions, Supports) which replaced DARE. This 6 week program is taught by specially trained police officers in the classroom. The subject areas include – Youth and the Law, Peer to Peer Relationships, Online and Social Media Awareness, Drug Awareness and Mental Health Awareness.


This program is an opportunity for our students to appreciate and respond to the challenges faced by underprivileged children and adults, both locally and globally, with specific connections to the work of the Me to We Foundation. It serves the expectation of our History and Geography curriculum to “relate and apply the knowledge acquired to the world outside the classroom”.

At Braemar House School we believe that as an institution we should be an integral part of the Brantford community, the community in which we live. Our programming often includes ways to show our students how to contribute. Braemar students are proud to have been involved in or have contributed to the community in the following ways:

Me to We Foundation
Toonies For Terry
Brantford Classic Run for the Rotary
Christmas Baskets Campaign
Brantford Food Bank
Roots of Empathy
SKIP – Seniors and Kids Intergenerational Program
Brant County Recreational Soccer League – sponsor
Community Remembrance Day Service
D.A.R.E. – Drug Abuse Resistance Education
Kiwanis Music Festival of Brantford
Children’s Safety Village of Brantford

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