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Braemar House School is an independent school that focuses on strong academic programming within a nurturing enviroment.  It is something most parents wish for their children – a good education with opportunities to excel and to reach their full potential in an encouraging setting.

Braemar was founded by a small group of parents to do just that, and with the belief that academic knowledge and skills are important for everyone to develop, and that children can and will succeed with support and guidance.  We continue to work hard to meet the goals set by the founding parents.

We believe that children thrive in an environment that provides personalized attention and an enriched approach to learning. Class sizes are small to provide the opportunity for individualized and enhanced learning.
Students benefit from high academic standards and opportunities to act as role models in their own school community and in the larger Brant community. Through a variety of programs and activities, students are encouraged to develop self-confidence and respect for themselves, their peers, their teachers and their community.
As well, Braemar offers parents oppportunities to involve themselves in their children’s education in a meaningful way while extending the safe, nurturing home environment to the academic community.