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Parent Workshop – Social Media

18:46 01 March in Uncategorized

In late February, we hosted a Social Media workshop for our families.  Detective Ed Spence and Professor Danielle Law spoke about internet safety and mental wellness for children.  Their overall message was that it is key for parents to talk about social media with their children and most importantly the safety issues. Educating the child is crucial, so that they can be aware of any dangers.

Parents need to monitor children’s devices, apps and programs they are on and have regular conversations about issues or concerns. Developing an understanding with your child that if or when something happens, it is crucial for them to tell a trusted adult (parent, teacher, coach) and to reassure them that they will not get into trouble for telling. Many children do not tell when they get into a scary situation for fear that they will get into more trouble from their parents.

Videos to help a parent/child conversation- You Tube- search CEOP ( Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command)  
(Appropriate video for Parents and Children 8-10 years old)
(Appropriate video for Parents and Children 11-16 years of age)