We have a staff of dedicated, fully qualified educators with many years of proven experience and a wide range of expertise. Our team are dedicated professionals who choose to be at Braemar House School because they believe in our mission, and the atmosphere of learning and excellence that has been established. They provide a caring, supportive and stimulating environment for our students. Our teachers deliver a comprehensive and enhanced curriculum.
Mrs. Kristin Pass
Executive Director

Together our Principal and Mrs. Pass are the Leadership Team at Braemar. Mrs. Pass joined Braemar in August 2014. Her background is in fundraising and administration. Most recently, she was Executive Director at the Brant United Way.

Mrs. Pass is responsible for overseeing the operations of the school, including Human Resources, Budget, Property Management, Communication, and working with our Board of Directors setting the strategic direction for the organization.

Mrs. Pass's first affiliation with Braemar, was as a volunteer family with Roots of Empathy. After that experience she could see the wonderful environment in the school and is proud to years later to be a part of this special community.

She is excited to bring her skills and knowledge to Braemar to lead the administrative team.

Mrs. Pam Krason

Mrs. Krason, a teacher for almost 15 years, is a dedicated professional with a child-centered approach to teaching and learning. She is sensitive to the needs of her students and her teaching staff, and communicates her expectations in a clear manner. She is warmly approachable and has a proven track record in establishing positive parent-teacher interaction. Mrs. Krason is an inspiring leader and a valuable resource for our programming and enrichment initiatives. She remains an instrumental force in our Drama program and our Spring Musical productions.

Mrs. Andrea Haley
Montessori Directress

Montessori Diploma (North American Progressive Montessori)

Mrs. Haley brings 20 years of preschool experience to the Braemar Montessori program, combining a love of children and attention to the Montessori philosophy. She is a fully qualified Montessori teacher with more than 10 years of Montessori experience. Mrs. Haley is attentive to her students and to the classroom environment, seeking always to improve Braemar’s Montessori program and provide effective resources for the enrichment of her students.

We believe creativity flourishes in an atmosphere of acceptance and trust. We believe whole heartedly in the philosophy “Please don’t do for me what I can do for myself”. - Andrea Haley and Becky Dixon

Mrs. Becky Dixon
Montessori Assistant

Montessori Teaching Diploma (North American Progressive Montessori)

Mrs. Dixon has always had a passion to work with children and in 2007 she graduated from Niagara College with her Child and Youth Worker Diploma. She started off working as Braemar’s Before and After Care coordinator, and it was during her time here that she discovered the Montessori philosophy and knew this was her calling in life. Mrs. Dixon has completed her studies to become a qualified Montessori Teacher.
We believe creativity flourishes in an atmosphere of acceptance and trust. We believe whole heartedly in the philosophy “Please don’t do for me what I can do for myself”. - Andrea Haley and Becky Dixon

Mrs. Christina Allwood
Prep One Teacher

Montessori Teaching Diploma (North American Montessori Centre),
Montessori Teachers Assistant (Toronto Montessori Institute).
Educational Assistant Certificate (Mohawk College),
Bachelor of Arts - Fine Arts and Psychology (Redeemer College University)

Years with Braemar: 11

Mrs. Allwood is a patient and caring educator, who brings a strong commitment to early childhood learning in the Prep One Program. She inspires her students to give their very best in everything they do. Mrs. Allwood’s training in psychology, special education, and Montessori teaching methods allow her to take full advantage of the hands-on inspired learning that comes with our Montessori introduction to school. Her students benefit from the concept building and critical thinking skills inherent in the Montessori Curriculum, as well as more traditional teacher led lessons, and are successfully prepared for our Grade One Program. The Braemar Prep One program meets and exceeds the Ministry of Education’s targets set out for Senior Kindergarten.

Teachers plant seeds that grow forever

Miss Meagan Noronha
Grade 1 Teacher (covering Maternity Leave for Amy VanDamme)

Honours Contemporary Studies with a French Teaching Option (Wilfrid Laurier University) - June 2015. Bachelor of Education (Nipissing University) - Religion, Social Science and French Teachable June 2015

Miss Noronha is a familiar face in the Braemar community. She started as our Before and After Care Coordinator, covered a maternity leave in Grade 2 and supported a student as an EA.

Meagan has always had a passion for working with children. She has worked with children in various settings through volunteering and working at hospitals, camps and in the classroom environment.

Meagan truly believes that being a teacher is a privilege and she genuinely loves working with children. She is thankful for the mentors she has been able to work with at Braemar House who have helped her along the way so that she can strive for excellence in the classroom.

Mrs. Jamie Thompson
Grade 2 Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Wilfrid Laurier University),
Bachelor of Education (University of Western Ontario)

Mrs. Thompson has been an educator for over 15 years, first in teaching private music lessons, and then as a substitute teacher at the Primary, Junior, and Intermediate levels for three area school boards. She has completed the Special Education Part One and Part Two courses and brings Primary French qualifications to Braemar House School. A dedicated, enthusiastic teacher, Mrs. Thompson's positive attitude makes her very approachable to students, parents, and staff alike. Outside of school life, she and her family are very involved in the community and passionately support the Arts.

I feel very fortunate to be a part of my students’ educational journeys.
The small class sizes at Braemar House allow me to connect on a
personal level with each of them every day,
helping me to better identify their individual needs.

Mrs. Ann Hunter
Grade 3 Teacher

Honours Bachelor of Arts (McMaster University),
Bachelor of Education (University of Toronto) with Primary Specialist qualifications

Mrs. Hunter, a teacher for more than 15 years, brings an energetic attitude and a passion for teaching to her classroom. She has a wonderfully welcoming disposition and is genuinely interested in developing the potential of each of her students. She strives to create positive and open relationships with the families of her students, and is both encouraging and helpful. Mrs. Hunter brings a wealth of experience in Music, particularly Choral Singing, and works enthusiastically with our student Choir and Music Enrichment Club in preparation for performance and our spring musical productions.
I am passionate about teaching and love coming to work each and every day!
- Ann Hunter

Miss Leah Duck
Grade 4 Teacher

Honours BA in English (Language and Literature) from Queen's University and a Bachelor of Education in the Concurrent program. Miss Duck loves to read and is focusing her professional development on student literacy.

This is Miss Duck's first full year at Braemar House School and her fifth year teaching. Miss Duck taught abroad in Honduras, South Korea, and China.

In addition to a good read, she loves to travel, paint, dance, and spend time with her family and friends.

Mrs. Shelley Gaudet
Grade 5 Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Child Studies) and Bachelor of Education (Brock University),
Certified OCT at the Primary, Junior and Intermediate Levels.
Additional Qualifications: Special Ed Specialist, Primary Specialist, Reading Part 1. Further training in SMT (Simultaneous Multisensory Teaching) and the Orton-Gillingham methods to reach and teach children and adults with Dyslexia

Mrs. Gaudet loves to inspire her students to reach their every potential through fun, active activities that engage all of the learning modalities. She celebrates the strengths of all of her students in her teaching as well as works to ensure that every child is able to work and grow at his/her own level. She has over twenty years of experience.

``Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.`` William Butler Yeats

Mrs. Sandy Speakman
Grade 6 Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Wilfrid Laurier University),
Teaching Certificate K-10 (Hamilton Teachers' College),
Masters in Science in Education (Niagara University)

Mrs. Speakman brings more than 40 years of experience in both elementary and secondary education to Braemar. She has effectively taught at all grade levels, ably preparing students for increasingly difficult subject material, particularly in Mathematics and Language. She is an extraordinary mentor to her peers, and shares her expertise and wealth of experience with enthusiasm. She is warm and encouraging, with high expectations for her students and for herself.

The greatest sense of joy and accomplishment for me comes at that point in a lesson when a puzzled student responds with “Now I get it!” - Sandy Speakman

Mrs. Sala Lavoie
Grade 7 Teacher

Bachelor of Applied Sciences, Major in Psychology and Sociology (University of Guelph),
Masters of Science in Education (Medaille College)
Mrs. Lavoie brings enthusiasm, fresh ideas, and a love of lifelong learning to Braemar. Her hands on learning approach makes for a fun, engaging learning experience for her students. She encourages team building, critical thinking, and problem solving. She engages students in grand discussions to relate all curricular experience to their personal lives as well as to the world around them. By encouraging students to learn from each other she fosters an increase in personal confidence and considerate interactions within her classroom. Mrs. Lavoie has created a fun, safe, and caring interactive environment to welcome young learners as they begin to take ownership for their learning. Mrs. Lavoie exhibits this same dedication to personal growth as she works with our Wellness programming, First Lego League Robotics team, as well as our lunchtime Yoga Club.

What we are doing is important,
I know you can do it,
I will not give up on you!
- Sala Lavoie

Mr. Justin Banks
Grade 8 Teacher

BA Degree, History and English (St. Francis Xavier University),
B. Education Degree (Memorial University)

Mr. Banks spent several years teaching in a remote northern community in the province of Quebec. While in this position, he taught multi-level classrooms from grade 7 to 12. His experience in the Kativik School Board was enriching professionally and personally. Working for the Inuit population of Quebec was a unique and special experience he carries with him wherever he goes. After six years of professional teaching, Mr. Banks remains a passionate educator. Mr. Banks seeks constant improvement to stay on the forefront of educational trends. He is adept with interactive boards and experienced in online course management software.

“The important thing is to never stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.``
Albert Einstein

“I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour—his greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear—is that moment when he has to work his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle—victorious.``
Vince Lombardi

Mme Hayat Hanna
French Teacher

L.L.B. in Law - Ecole de Droit (Universite de Moncton),
Doctoral Studies in International Law (Universite de Montpellier, France)

Mme Hanna has been very successful in coordinating, developing and teaching a French Program that meets and then exceeds the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Core French expectations. With programming offered to all our Braemar students from the Prep One Program on, Mme Hanna has created and coordinates a relaxed yet active learning environment where students feel comfortable and enjoy learning a second language through various hands on projects. She encourages students to learn from each other and assist each other in the learning process, while responding to curriculum requirements as well as student needs. As a Francophone who grew up in Africa and studied in France, Mme Hanna brings more than 20 years expertise in the classroom, and an international awareness and travel experience that make her lessons alive and relevant as students explore the cultural diversity of the Francophone world. She is as well a trained facilitator of the Virtues Project, which forms the basis of our character development program at Braemar. She also coordinates and delivers the Citizenship Curriculum for Grade 7 and 8, which focuses on issues of social justice.

At the end of every day, it is my hope to have inspired a student to think, and even better, to say “Learning French is fun!”, and many years down the road, to share with others how rewarding it continues to be! - Madame Hanna

Mr. Perry Enyedi
Health & Physical Education Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (University of Western Ontario)
Masters of Science in Education (Daemen College)

Mr. Enyedi is a fully qualified elementary teacher, with a wealth of experience in sports, coaching (he’s a certified 3M National hockey coach) and participating in many different sports. For the past five years, he has served as the head coach of all varsity sports teams and the coordinator of intramural activities at Braemar House School. He is enthusiastic, energetic, very competent with the Ontario Health curriculum, and a strong leader in developing a competitive program with other elementary schools. In addition, Mr. Enyedi teaches the subjects of physical education and health to all students at Braemar House School. He incorporates technology and hands on learning to construct an interactive learning experience in all classes. He continues to further his knowledge by participating in additional qualification courses, such as Guidance and Career Education. He remains active on our Healthy School Committee and is committed to encouraging healthy living in our students.
“Through sports and activities my students learn the importance of team work, fair play and sportsmanship.``

Mrs. Amy Van Damme
Grade 1 Teacher (currently on Maternity Leave)

Honours Contemporary Studies (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Bachelor of Education (Nipissing University)

Mrs. Van Damme thoroughly enjoys teaching Grade 1! She encourages and engages students through hands on activities that connect to their personal lives. These experiences enhance their learning as it is being done in a fun and educational setting. With her enthusiasm, passion and caring personality, the students develop a sense of security, which helps them to feel comfortable and happy in all areas of their learning. She truly believes that teaching is a rewarding profession as it allows for the opportunity to assist in the growth and development of children; socially, emotionally and academically.

``Once children learn how to learn, nothing is going to narrow their mind.
The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another.``
–Marva Collins

Support Staff

Our support staff are an integral part of our team.


Marnie is a long-standing volunteer with our school and an important part of the family! Staff, students, parent and alumni look forward to seeing Marie and getting a hug! Marnie assists with many jobs including attendance, our Hot Lunch Program, Library, our Book Fair. The list is endless. It is true, we don’t know what we would do without her.

Mrs. Lisa Berki

Mrs. Berki has been the bookkeeper for the past 3 years. Mrs. Berki brings wonderful skills and organization to our school. She has been a great addition to our administration team.

Ms. Patricia Woodburn
Administrative Assistant

Ms. Patricia Woodburn has been at Braemar for a dozen years, and is the friendly voice who answers the telephone and the friendly face that greets you in the office. Ms. Woodburn loves the families and staff at Braemar and that comes through in all she does.

Mr Clem Grummet

Mr. Grummet has been at Braemar for 15 years, taking great care of our school. When you walk into our building, you can see that Mr. Grummet take pride in his work. Our school is clean, safe and well looked after!

AnneMarie Holland and Maddie Mawson
Before and After Care Coordinators

Before Care begins at 7:30 am. After Care runs from 3:30 pm and it ends at 5:30 pm.

Our Before Care Coordinator is Annemarie Holland and our After Care Coordinator is Maddie Mawson. As well, we have a local high school student, Tasneem, back as an assistant on Wednesday and Thursdays. Both Annemarie and Maddie are Laurier Brantford students. Annemarie is working toward being a teacher and Maddie is pursuing social work, and has a lot of experience at summer camps.