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Open Houses and Registration Spaces Available

09:22 06 March in BHS NEWS, Braemar News

Are you looking for a different educational choice for your children?  Come to one of our Open Houses to learn more about what Braemar House School has to offer.  Upcoming Open House Dates – March 6 and April 10.

Braemar House School is a non-denominational independent school that focuses on strong academic programming within a nurturing environment.   Smaller class sizes provide the opportunity for enrichment and more attention from teachers.  A variety of extracurricular activities are offered for all ages.

Spots are available for Montessori (JK) (birth year 2014) and select other grades for fall 2018.

We look forward to seeing you at an Open House.  You can also arrange a personal tour.  To arrange a tour, call us at 519-753-2929 or email

 “At Braemar, everyone is truly focused on the quality of education, the small class sizes, devoted compassionate inspiring teachers, open and ongoing communication.  The  teachers and administration are accessible, which makes it feel like it really is a team effort between the school, parents and students.  Braemar has a well-rounded curriculum that gives kids exposure to not just academics, but various clubs, enrichment activities etc.  My child is thriving and looks forward to going to school every day.  How could a parent ask for more than that?” Sandy Cowan