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Braemar’s language curriculum is based on the understanding that literacy is vital to responsible and productive citizenship. Students develop skills in communication that are integrated with the study of other subjects; these ensure they will become effective:


· Readers, able to grasp ideas communicated in a text and to apply them in new contexts;

· Writers, able to organize their thoughts, remember important information, reflect on a widening range of perspectives, and learn how to communicate effectively for specific purposes and audiences

· Oral Communicators, able to communicate information, and express and clarify their thoughts, feelings, and opinions.


Resource support for literacy development is provided through specialized teacher training, and generous classroom libraries.  Early skills in penmanship are developed with the highly effective Handwriting Without Tears program, and oral communication skills are enriched through our Drama program and formal Public Speaking competitions.



Braemar’s curriculum is designed to give students opportunities to investigate ideas and concepts through problem solving and then be guided carefully into an understanding of the mathematical principles involved. The acquisition of operational skills remains an important focus of the curriculum. Braemar strives to offer a continuous, cohesive program through the grades. Five major areas of knowledge and skills have been identified and will be reported on:

  • Number Sense and Numeration
  • Measurement
  • Geometry and Spatial Sense
  • Patterning and Algebra
  • Data Management and Probability.

In addition, Braemar integrates the Ministry’s directive to present Financial Literacy across the five math strands and within other Subjects as appropriate. Teachers will, whenever possible, apply mathematics to real-life situations.
Math Power Hour Instruction occurs in a 60 minute block every morning.

We subscribe to Mathletics On-Line Program, for Prep One to Grade 8 students.



Braemar’s Science program involves exploration, experimentation, observation, measurement, and analysis – specific skills necessary to effective learning.

The program is organized into four areas of knowledge and skills:

  • Understanding Life Systems
  • Understanding Structures and Mechanisms
  • Understanding Matter and Energy
  • Understanding Earth and Space Systems


Our focus is on interaction, structure, function, sustainability, continuity, and change. The program is enriched through our School Food Garden and our Science Fair which is held every other year. Through both experiences, students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and interests in practical, relevant, and concrete activities.


Science enrichment experiences, like our First Lego League Robotics Team, are actively sought out and offered to interested students at both the intramural and varsity levels.