All Braemar students, from Montessori to Grade 8, receive instruction in French, and each passing year gives them the opportunity to build and develop their skills.

Students easily meet Ministry curriculum expectations and many work well beyond their grade level.

Various enrichment activities complement work in class and every effort is made to connect the French program with other areas of the curriculum. Activities include puppet show presentations, a celebration of Le Carnival du Mardi-Gras, maple sugar season, an introduction to Cajun cuisine and culture, a glimpse of Francophone culture around the world, and the production of a TV morning show. In addition a school-wide Enhanced Learning Experience in French is planned each year that integrates grades, ages, and abilities through the student clans.

We have developed our French Program to ensure it meets and then exceeds the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Core French expectations.  We strive to create a relaxed yet active learning environment where students feel comfortable and enjoy learning a second language through various hands on projects. We encourage students to learn from each other and assist each other in the learning process, while responding to curriculum requirements as well as student needs.  Students in Grades 4 to 8 study French daily.  We also offer an early introduction to French, providing programming to all our Braemar students from Montessori on.

Jack Buckley, a Braemar graduate of 2013, recently wrote the following note to Mme Hanna:


Se savoir une autre langue est très utile en vie. Nous pouvons communiquer aux nombreux gens qui parlent une langue différente. Au Canada, cette deuxième langue est français. Le programme français à Braemar House School est différent, car il enseigne aux étudiants une fois engageant. À Braemar, nous doivent remercie un professeur; Mme Hanna. Braemar est avance sur le reste dans le programme français. Ce succès se voit non seulement à l’école secondaire, mais la main-d’oeuvre où si on connaît une autre langue, ils ont beaucoup plus de possibilités. Le programme français est juste une autre fois que Braemar étreintes la devise, “Viser l’Excellence”. Comme un ancien diplômé, merci Mme. Hanna.



Knowing another language is very useful in life. We can communicate to numerous different people who speak a different language than us. In Canada, this second language is French. The French program at Braemar is different in that it teaches students in an engaging manner. At Braemar, we have a teacher to thank; Mme. Hanna. Braemar is ahead of the rest in French programs. This success is seen not only in high school, but in the workplace, where knowing another language opens up a new window of possibilities. The French program is just one way that Braemar embraces the motto, “Striving for Excellence”. As a former graduate, thank you Mme. Hanna.