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Montessori Casa and Prep One


Our youngest Braemar students are enrolled in our Montessori Casa program for 3 and 4 years olds and our “Prep One” Program for 5 year olds.

Taking full advantage of the hands-on inspired learning, concept building and critical thinking skills that come with a Montessori introduction to school, the Montessori program is followed by our unique and innovative Prep One program. Students in these pre-Grade One programs make an effective transition to the more traditional learning environments found in our Grade 1 to 8 elementary school programs.

Consistent with the Montessori Educational Philosophy our students actively participate in the Virtues Project, part of our character education program.

Montessori Casa

Maria Montessori  believed that the hand is the chief teacher of the child.     In order to learn, there must be concentration. Children learn best by fixing their attention on a task that is being performed with their own hands.  The equipment in a Montessori classroom allows children to experience the joy of learning and the time to enjoy the process, ensuring the development of self-esteem, and providing the experiences from which children create their knowledge.

The Prepared Environment

The prepared environment is one of the main educators of children.  It is designed to welcome the children, encourage them to interact with people and objects and help them to develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.    Providing opportunities for self-correction, the children learn from their own mistakes and improve their judgment while doing  activities that interest them.

Although each Montessori classroom will be unique, a typical classroom contains five primary areas:  Practical Life, Sensorial,  Math, Language Arts, and Cultural.

Here is a  summary of the main areas in Braemar’s Montessori classroom – Montessori Brochure

Prep One – Unique to Braemar

This is for 5 year olds.  This program blends traditional  Kindergarten with Montessori.   It takes the hands-on approach and activities the students are familiar with from Montessori and  introduces seat work.  The hands-on materials and philosophies instill within each student a great deal of self-confidence, independence and  a love of learning.  It builds upon the foundation they developed in our Montessori Casa Program and is a transition to prepare them for Grade One.

For a full description of our Prep One program, please refer to our Prep One Pamphlet.

Students in these pre-Grade One programs are successful in developing strong reading and maths skills and are well prepared for the more traditional learning environments in our traditional Grade 1.