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Distance Learning Testimonials

11:32 05 May in Testimonials

A few weeks ago, Braemar had our families do a survey regarding our Distance Learning Program. We received lots of great feedback… and lots of positive and supportive comments! Thank you to all our families! Below are a few great testimonials:

“I’m so proud of the work you have all done. And I feel more blessed than ever to be a part of the Braemar family. I truly believe our kids will come out of this ahead… and that is all thanks to the hard work and dedication of all of the staff! Thanks for all you have done, and continue to do!”

“We have been really happy and impressed with the thoroughness and depth of the online program. Teachers are doing a phenomenal job!”

“The teachers have been going above and beyond to make sure we have appropriate work for our child. We are truly impressed by their dedication and skills in this new role they have been given.”

“You are all amazing! I’m more thankful than ever that we are a part of the Braemar family!”

“You are all doing an amazing job during these times. We truly appreciate the time and effort you are putting into the programming.”