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Choosing the right school for your family

Choosing the ‘right’ school for your child and family, is an important decision.  We want to help you make sure it is the right choice.  Here are a few questions for you to ask to get started in having a conversation with prospective schools.


What is your curriculum based on?
Braemar House School follows the Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Guidelines and meets the standards.  We then add to it with our enhanced progams.  We offer many extra and enhanced programs that go beyond the curriculum.  The Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Guidelines are explored in a richer, broader and more independent way.


What qualifications do your teachers have?
Teachers at Braemar House School are OCT qualified.  They bring a diverse background of education and classroom experience.  Many of our teachers have been with us for many years and are committed to the school and programs we offer.  Our qualified and dedicated educations provide a caring, supportive, relevant and stimulating environment for students and ensure that extra help and challenges are available.


How do you measure a student’s progress and success?
Measuring a student’s progress and success is done through both informal and formal assessment. The teaching staff follow the Growing Success Document implemented by the Ministry of Education in 2010. Through the use of the Ministry of Education Achievement Rubrics as well as rubrics developed by the teacher, each student is marked on assignments, projects, quizzes and tests. Anecdotal assessment is also done throughout the school year. Students also develop success criteria for lessons/projects. This is done in partnership with their teacher to help them as they progress through the lesson/projects to ensure they stay on task and are accountable for their own marks and achievement levels.


Do you do standardized testing?

Our school annually participates in the Canadian Achievement Tests (CAT 4), a standardized and highly informative test given each October to students in Grades 1 to 8.  Each teacher meets with the parents in Early November to discuss the progress of each student but also shares the results of the C.A.T.4. Those results are then used to help plan for each student and to set goals for the students as well.

The majority of our students perform at levels one to two grades higher than the Canadian averages, and individual strengths and areas of growth are effectively identified for extension and timely support.  View results –


Does the school offer a sports program?
Braemar House School has our own dedicated Physical Education teacher.  All students from Montessori through Grade 8 have gym.  As well, we offer intramural and Varsity sports.


What are the class sizes?
Our class sizes are kept small as we recognize the value of student / teacher interaction and support across all subject areas.


How do you communicate with parents?
We pride ourselves on the communication between home and school. Information is available to all of our families via numerous avenues; Weekly school broadcast, class blogs that are updated daily, agendas as well as email connections to all staff members.


Is your school faith-based?
Braemar House School is a secular school.


Is the school for-profit, or not-for-profit?
Braemar is a not-for-profit school, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of parents.