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Camping Fun in Montessori

14:34 12 June in BHS NEWS, Braemar News

This week in Montessori, our students welcomed the great outdoors INTO their classroom as a fun and exciting end to their Bugs, Insects and Pond Unit.

Mrs. Haley and Miss Clare transformed the Montessori classroom into a campsite; complete with lake, campfire, and a real tent! The students had opportunities to go fishing, roast smores, paint with marshmallows, read books about nature and rest in the tent.

In the afternoon students were treated to a story around the campfire. The students all pulled out their blankets or sleeping bags and gathered together to listen.  They then moved outside to go on a hike. It was very exciting to see all the changes that happened in the school yard during the season of Spring and (almost Summer). While on the hike they saw a groundhog running across the field!

This type of hands-on learning is a key philosophy of Montessori.