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All Braemar students, from Montessori to Grade 8, receive instruction in French, and each passing year gives them the opportunity to build and develop their skills.

Students meet Ministry curriculum expectations and many work well beyond their grade level.

Various enrichment activities complement work in class and every effort is made to connect the French program with other areas of the curriculum. Activities include presentations, skits, games, a French Cafe and  a glimpse of Francophone culture around the world.

We have developed our French Program to ensure it meets and then exceeds the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Core French expectations.  We strive to create a relaxed yet active learning environment where students feel comfortable and enjoy learning a second language through various hands on projects. We encourage students to learn from each other and assist each other in the learning process, while responding to curriculum requirements as well as student needs.  Students in Grades 4 to 8 study French daily.  We also offer an early introduction to French, providing programming to all our Braemar students from Montessori on.