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 Braemar House School Alumni and Builders’ Showcase.
This is where we highlight former students, teachers, volunteers and/or early Builders or Founders.
Check back to see more profiles being honoured  …. Braemar thinks they ROCK!

Annette Minutillo
Executive Director for 12 years

Executive Director
Braemar House School
2002 – September 2014

Reporting to the Parent Board of Directors, Mrs. Minutillo provided sound Strategic Planning and Financial Accountability for all aspects of the school’s Business Plan. She was instrumental in helping the school grow and develop over her time with the school, culminating in Braemar receiving the Chamber of Commerce's Technology Award in May 2013.

Lisa Minutillo
Former Student, Class of 2005

Lisa Minutillo attended Braemar Grades 7 and 8.

She was back in the halls of Braemar in March and April 2015 as a teacher candidate completing her alternative placement.

She is currently completing her Bachelor’s of Education at Queen’s University. She has her Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in History and English also from Queen's. She was a varsity athlete on the Queen’s University Women’s Basketball team during her undergrad studies.

She travelled to Belize, Central America for two months in 2014 to teach health education in primary and secondary schools. This incredible experience reaffirmed her passion for teaching.

She plans to move to Europe at the end of the summer to begin her teaching career abroad.

``Braemar showed me that learning could be done in diverse ways. It affirmed for me that learning outside of the traditional classroom was just as valuable as learning inside of it. I was presented with so many opportunities to extend my knowledge, musically, academically, and with community initiatives. Braemar’s programming was richer and more varied than anything I had previously experienced.`` Lisa Minutillo

Markus Kunej
Former Student, Class of 2010

Markus currently attends North Park Collegiat and has a 93% average. Markus was recently chosen to go to Italy for a week-long soccer camp in Verona. It included intensive training, taking in professional games and a tour of Venice.

Markus excels both in academics and athletics. He won the athlete of the year award while attending Braemar House School.

Congratulations Markus. We can't wait to see where the future takes this young man.

Patrick McEachern
Former Student, Attended Braemar from Kindergarten to Grade 8

Patrick is a working professional photographer. He is also studying photojournalism and teaching photography.

``The one thing that still stands out as one of Braemar's best features to me is their small class sizes. The one-on-one attention that I was able to receive during my time at Braemar was truly paramount to my success in school.``

Darian Cowell
Grades Attended Braemar: Grade 1 through 8

``After graduating from Braemar, Darian went to St. John’s College, where she was eager to join the sports teams and the Drama production. ``Braemar gave me the courage to try out for Fame in my first year!`` Said Darian. Darian then enrolled in the Concurrent Education Program at Wilfred Laurier and Nipissing. She is now a certified teacher and joins the Braemar Staff Team as a Grade 2 Teacher in January 2015.
In her words:
``I was somewhat of a shy kid growing up, so Braemar was a safe environment for me to try new experiences and feel safe to do so! Looking back at Braemar, there was a lot of freedom given for room to grow as not only a student but an individual. I had such great educators growing up, I always felt cherished and motivated to push outside the box, and try colouring outside the lines. I am happy to see Braemar has evolved in their sports department and now have competing teams- the girls could only beat the boys so many times in a row!``

Kaitlyn Butt
Attended Braemar from Senior Kindergarten through to Grade 8

Kaitlyn graduated from Braemar in 2010 and attended BCI for high school. During high school, Kaitlyn excelled academically while remaining involved in numerous theatrical productions, student committees, and leadership groups. She is currently going into her second year at Queen’s University in the Biology & Psychology Subject of Specialization with the hope of pursuing research in the field of neuroscience. She recently acted as an upper-year orientation leader with the role of helping and welcoming first year students transitioning into university.

When asked to reminisce about her time at Braemar, here is what Kaitlyn had to say:

“Reminiscing and looking back, I realize that much of who I am today has been shaped by the experiences that I was fortunate enough to have in the many years that I attended Braemar.
Academically, I felt completely prepared when it came time to transition into high school. Looking back I realize that the small classroom sizes and one-on-one teacher interactions not only provided me with an excellent educational base, but they also shaped the way I would interact with my teachers for the rest of my academic career. I have always made an effort to be close and connected to my educators and I realize that I may not have felt comfortable doing so if I didn’t have such positive teacher/student relationships in my early years of education.

Braemar also played a large role in my personal development and extra-curricular involvement. I now consider myself to be an individual with a strongly-held passion for learning, performing and leading and I believe that I have Braemar to thank for those qualities that were instilled in me. Coming into Braemar I was rather shy and reserved - you certainly wouldn’t see me volunteering to stand up on stage in front of a crowd of people, that’s for sure! However, after being encouraged to participate in the school musical, I found my passion for acting and public speaking and I am now perfectly confident and, in fact, happy to present in front of large groups of people - a quality that has been very beneficial to me in my life thus far. I was also involved in student council in my time at Braemar. The small, close-knit community and personal contact with individuals of all ages allowed me to thrive and develop leadership skills that I still use to this day.”